use large dildos




Use Large Dildos

When using large dildos there are several things to consider. Firstly you need to consider the size that works for your body. Are you going to use it vaginally or anally? Figure out which material is best too.

The trick with using a large dildo is to make sure you are relaxed. If you are tense or nervous you will tighten your muscles and it will be harder to inserter and therefore will be painful. Being aroused is a lot better for your large dildo experience. Sexual arousal allows you to get wet naturally and relax you vagina. Not to mention that this will enhance your experience and completely exceed your expectations on the mind blowing orgasm that you will experience with a large dildo. Start off by lubricating the dildo and then with the head slowly insert and massage the outer labia lips. This relaxes the walls and get the natural juices flowing. Remember to take your time especially initially. Once you have got the head working in and out start to slide it deeper with very slow back and for the motions.  When you want tot go deeper push it in slowly then hold it in for a while. You can continue to do any Clitoris stimulation but holding it in will allow your body to adapt.

Remember there are various way to use large dildos. You can get someone to do I for you or you can go for it anally. You probably will work out some tricks of your own. Just remember to use lots of lube, relax and have fun. It is worth it... always a good day when driving home thinking "I cant wait to use large dildos when I get in".

Remeber that you need to air on the caution of safety. You dont want an accidents - heaven forbit any tearing and ripping.