buy large dildos

large dildos


Buy Large Dildos

Here is my experience that I had when buying a large dildo. I had the erg to try something larger than my boyfriend. Not that he is small by any means but I wanted to feel what the difference would be with a large object inserted. Does it feel painful or is the sensation enhanced. Can I climax? These are all thoughts that I was considering. So I decide finaly with these words ringing through my mind: "Buy Large Dildo, Buy Large Dildo".

I went onto the internet and did some research to decide what would be the best buy for my large dildo. I found the perfect one. A large cyberskin king dildo. Realistic looking with veins and all. SCAREY!! When it arrived (super fast shipping from Goldies Toy Box), I took it out and my boyfriend nearly jumped out of his skin with fear, me too. My first thought was this large dildo was never going to go anywhere near my tight pussy. It looked like it would literally split me in two. I was rather nervous. As for my boyfriend, a six foot burley guy with a nice size penis, he was whimpering... why did you purchase this monster!

We decided to go for it. I got my bottle of lube ready and away we went. My boyfriend loved it and I absolutely enjoyed my new large friend. The orgasm was intense and it was not painful at all. You do really have to be turned on and relaxed or it doe get painful but when you are ready this is a great new dimension to sex with some new feelings that get enhanced by this large dildo.